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Optimus Heating are specialists in domestic, low carbon renewable energy solutions. We aim to bridge the gap making complex technologies simple and efficient to use for our clients.

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We believe in a greener, more sustainable future. Our understanding of domestic renewable technology puts us at the forefront of the market.

We design and install every system to ensure our clients have a simple to operate, highly efficient, low running cost, energy system that will last them for many years. We make complex technologies simple.



We created Optimus Heating after seeing a gap in the market for installers that really understand how to design and install domestic renewable technologies. There are so many horror stories about bad heat pump installs we wanted to create a company that would change the industry and provide an excellent service for clients.

We are fully qualified for every technology we work with and are an MCS certified business for Heat Pumps, Solar PV and battery storage.



We have a deep understanding of hydronic design and are able to install heat pumps properly, achieving 500% (SCOP) average efficiency over a year . With gas prices roughly 4 times cheaper than electricity prices that means our systems are cheaper to run than a boiler. As the heat pump is working so efficiently it also runs whisper quiet and will last 20-25 years.

A heat pump will be the largest constant electrical draw on the home. We understand how to design other technologies such as Solar PV arrays and battery storage to meet the requirement of your electrical usage at the time of year when its most needed. We can also add MVHR to your design which will recycle the warm air from your bathrooms and kitchens giving you clean, free energy.

Optimus Heating is your one stop shop for all of your heating and energy home upgrades. Not only will we be your installers, we will look after your entire system for the entirety of its life.

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